About Maria

Photo Credit: Brittnee Burns
Maria Bowersock is a woman who has fallen for Jesus and become captivated by Scripture, which- in all honesty- is a miracle because the trajectory of her life looked much different not all that long ago.
She has spent the last six years with what felt like an open wound of pain and a lingering question of God, “are you really good to me, personally?” Through this, God has birthed out of her a firm belief in his intimate goodness for all who are his children. Her life’s greatest joy is to teach and tell other women about God’s goodness.
A note from Maria-
Most of the writings you will discover on this site are direct results of what felt like a fire in my bones- not to be mistaken for anything other than the Holy Spirit- that needed to be extinguished through writing or teaching or both.
I hope this page is just your springboard to Scripture. It is the most captivating book you will ever read, and Jesus is so worth falling for.

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