Easy & Healthy Monday Morning Breakfast

I am quite impressed with KidzShake. I’m a skeptic by nature, especially when it comes to all things health. Labels tend to exaggerate, things that say 100 percent organic aren’t really 100 percent, “all natural” are just buzz words…You know, a skeptic.

So when I first came across KidzShake I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do my kids enjoy it but it truly is full of some good nutrition. If you want to learn and read more about this company and product we used click here.

Your Free 3 Day Devotional [A Betrayer Loved]

Your Free 3 Day Devotional [A Betrayer Loved]


Jesus left us with two of the greatest commandments: love God and love others, yet many times we let out feelings dictate our response to the command of loving others. It is in our closet relationships we often feel the most pain, isn’t it: betrayal, death, hurts, offenses. A friend may wound you with their words, a loved one’s life may end in death, or a friendship may end with the scar of betrayal and yet Jesus’ commands don’t change or shift based on our feelings. So, how do we love (and keep loving) when pain is expected?

In this three day study, you will immerse yourself in John 13, paying particular attention to how Jesus showed love to his disciple turned betrayer, Judas.