Sister of the Two-Time Plane Crash Surviver Speaks of the Miraculous




“We have seen miracles in our profession, but this I don’t know how to explain.” I will never forget these words from one of the physicians at the rehab institute. He had been working tirelessly to get Austin better. He went on to explain that he wasn’t someone who tended to believe in miracles like this, but he didn’t know any other way to explain the type of progress Austin was making, this kind of healing. Once a week, the family would sit around a meeting table at the rehab center and debrief about Austin’s progress. This is where I learned how intricate and fragile the brain is and how the healing from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is unpredictable and how any healing at all is amazing because often healing can be nonexistent. When you read about Austin “overcoming the odds” it is an accurate depiction of his healing.

After the crash we weren’t sure if Austin would live. He spent three months in a medically induced coma to allow his brain time to recover. The first time I saw him awake after the coma, I was terrified. Austin was unable to speak and unable to walk. It was such a shock to see this athletic young guy not even able to feed himself. I was told this might be his new normal, but there was nothing normal about this for his family. I started to wonder if the hope that I had from his life being spared was going to turn into grief, grieving that I would not be able to talk to my brother again, grieving that I would not laugh or reminisce over memories with him again.

My heart broke just thinking about it. I’ll never forget going back to the hotel room that night and, in the quiet, I took my fists and beat the bed until my eyes ran out of tears and my body ran out of strength. “You healed him for this, Lord?” I had already lost my parents, and I felt like it was one loss after another. This one was hard to take.

Honestly, I don’t remember when it started to happen, but the conversations during the meetings with doctors started to change from despair to hope. We went from hearing “This may be his life” to “We just don’t know what to tell you. People with TBIs usually hit a plateau in their healing, and we just don’t know what that plateau will be.” Austin never plateaued. No doctor could explain it, but I can.

After the plane crash, I spent much time on my knees, face to the floor with my Bible open. I was in complete agony, searching for any word, any sign from God. There is one particular time I spent on that floor in tears that I will never forget. I was in such agony that I could feel my entire body hurt; my heart was physically aching. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. But then I experienced a moment of strength. I sat up and turned my face toward Heaven and cried out, “Lord, I don’t want to be apart of some miracle story where people are in awe of a person. I want you to blow the minds of the world, so that no one (doctor, mentor, friend, sister, brother, etc) can take the credit for what you are going to do through the death of my parents, a second plane crash, and the healing of my brother.” Did he ever answer that prayer!

Austin’s story is miraculous. How could it not be when a boy survives two plane crashes? He has worked so hard. I admire the man he is and the man he is becoming. I have had a front row seat in his life for the last twelve years! Once I was sitting on the sidelines of (nearly) every basketball game he played yelling, “AJ baby!” every time he hit a three with Dad smirking at me as if to know he couldn’t shut me up if he tried. Now, I sit at home and yell, “AJ baby!” every time I see him on the T.V. being a voice of strength for others. I am crazy about my brother, and I’m so proud of him.

But, I have to tell you the truth, Austin’s story is miraculous because of God and to ignore, make light of, or try to get around His name is simply not giving or telling the full story or the truth. What you are reading in the media is just evidence of who God is!

When you allow Scripture to collide with this story, it puts fire to the miracle and a name behind and before it. You won’t find the name in the media or plastered in a magazine. There is a name above every name and it is King Jesus (Philippians 2:9). The Lord didn’t just heal my brother, he brought the house down with His healing so no man could say, “I did that”. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the grand narrative of the Bible … you are witnessing a miracle because of Jesus.

Be sure to catch Austin on  People Icons: Heroes & Survivors on Tuesday, March 14, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC


Facing Your Freedom [Free Download]

“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you through the laying on of my hands” (2 Timothy 1:6)

Let’s face it, when it comes to freedom in Christ, we trade our joy for doubt, our tenacity for fear, or (dare I say) our calling for a self-invoked punishment as if we are putting ourselves in timeout until we learn to “behave”. I don’t know about you but I’m tired of defeated living. As women of God, we were made for fire and I want “this little light of mine” to burn wild and free.
This particular piece of writing had me captivated as I was curating it while sitting with my legs curled close to my 20-week baby bump and my left pointer finger twirling a strand of hair as I sat, prayed, pondered and wrote. You see, this piece represents what A Woman Named Free was birthed from, raw and unrestrained life of Maria Bowersock.
I typically do not write poems, so I thought it would benefit you to have some instruction on how to read this piece. (pst…I may be breaking all the rules of poem writing by doing this, so … )
This particular poem starts with statements that I wrestled with at one point or another. I was sure these fierce times in life would slaughter me and yet because of Jesus, I safely stand. The poem then guides you through the time of my life where my feelings collided with Scripture and produce something miraculous; the moment in my life where something wildly beautiful happens. From here, you will walk with me down the road of intimacy as I talk to my Heavenly Father.
Most of these types of writings I ponder up with Him and keep them in the secret hideaway of my heart. Other times, the message relentlessly burns to my bones and needs to be released from my hideaway… {download and read by clicking below}




Facing Your Freedom [Free Download]