a call to action for believers from a missionary not living in America…

I’ve been thinking a lot about politics and what’s going on in America right now. I’ve been thinking, “What would America look like if we were actually a Christian nation?” I know this is a shocker to many people who think we are a Christian nation, but we aren’t. What if this nation really was a nation full of Christ followers? How would that change the country? How would it change the world? Do we focus too much on politics and who should or shouldn’t be president rather then preaching the gospel? The answer is for sure yes. What if we shared the gospel everywhere? What if people understood not just the story of Christ, but what he means to them? What if people understood that His death not only washed away their sins, but also imparted His righteousness on them? Wouldn’t the gospel change our country more then political activism? Politics never helps everyone, the gospel does! The gospel is not impartial, it is for everyone! It is for Black, White, police, Muslims, LGBTQ, children, men, women, Hispanics, Asians, atheists, activists, Hindus, Mormans, etc.. The gospel is good news for everyone! If this is true, why do we look for answers elsewhere? I am not advocating not voting, I am asking, why are we, who follow Christ, not fulfilling the great commission and sharing the gospel like we should? Please let’s change this country for the good! Start sharing the gospel today, without restraint! 


Today we vote. We vote for where we land in our thinking, strong opinions, views, beliefs. We vote for something, against something, to defend something. Do it. Vote how you will vote but do everything you can to defend, reconcile, and restore unity among your Brother and Sister (in Christ) because, no matter who wins, we’ve got some major battle ground moving forward and if we think this election is the tip of the iceberg … boy oh boy are we in for it. Full armor, Brothers and Sisters (Ephesians 6). I’m not telling, I’m asking, begging, pleading because I need you on this one. I’m losing hope in us and I’m scared.


Armor Up,



Josh Howard who is a missionary living in Slovakia. To read more about him, what he does, and who he is  click here. 

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  1. I couldn’t agree more! The leaders of this nation are a reflection of this nation. If this nation as a whole chose to repent, seek His face and focus on the gospel instead of the storm, our choice of candidates would be different. This is a heart issue for each and every person. Early on in this election I found myself so fearful of a president that not only agreed with abortion, but who wanted to provide late term abortion! Whether or not we find ourselves with a president that allows for late term abortions or not, it is still the heart of the woman to choose to step into that heart breaking decision. We need to be focusing on each others’ hearts, speaking God’s truth and love. So that, even though legally she may be presented with a choice to end her pregnancy, the love of God would be sewn so tightly into her heart that her only choice would be to walk in obedience to what He says about it. The fact of the matter is that we have the ability to walk in obedience every day. God designed it that way! And it doesn’t matter who is president, or what law is passed, God is so much bigger! He is bigger than any political party. The enemy is at work, doing all he can to offer distraction from what God wants for His people. But the enemy has been doing this since day one. We are all Eve. We are all faced with temptation. We all have the ability to continue to choose. And that won’t change with the changing of any president, or law or amendment to the constitution. Satan wants us to think it will. But God says differently. It won’t matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, as long as Jesus is the one who resides in your heart!

    1. It starts from the ground up! So we Christians really need to war up, get in truth, know it, love it, love others and speak truth in love! I’m so thankful for your sisterhood in this.

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