Easy & Healthy Monday Morning Breakfast

I am quite impressed with KidzShake. I’m a skeptic by nature, especially when it comes to all things health. Labels tend to exaggerate, things that say 100 percent organic aren’t really 100 percent, “all natural” are just buzz words…You know, a skeptic.

So when I first came across KidzShake I was pleasantly surprised. Not only do my kids enjoy it but it truly is full of some good nutrition. If you want to learn and read more about this company and product we used click here.

Postpartum Depression: 5 Things to Save a Life

“I am a mom of three. I am someone who is happy, full of life, spontaneous and loves making memories. I love to make people laugh even though it’s usually at my expense. I like this person. I miss this person. You see, recently I have been infected with postpartum depression and this person I once was has been hard to find. Often times I refer to postpartum depression as feeling trapped inside my own body. Every day it takes work, hard work, to live life as my mind feels tortured with obsessive fearful thoughts. Postpartum depression is not a matter of will but a chemical imbalance that needs to be taken seriously…” Read the full post here

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Postpartum Anxiety & Depression: How to be a Good Friend

“My friends, this is something very real that is often overlooked or made light of because let’s face it, we tend to think if we have enough will power we can just “will” our way out of this. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is no amount of positive thinking that can fix this disease. We aren’t talking about a bad day or bad week, this is a mental illness and women who suffer from postpartum anxiety or depression are, every day, waking up to fight a battle of the mind. My last piece was for you, the woman silently suffering through this disease. Today, this piece is for you, the friend of the woman suffering from postpartum anxiety or depression. Below are three ways you can be a good friend and love your friend well during this time of suffering she is experiencing. Don’t underestimate these three action steps because you just may help save her life…” Read the full post here


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5 Ways We Survived 2 Weeks of Hand Foot and Mouth

Tis the season of colds, flus, and hand food and mouth (and all together the mamas cringe). My little dude got it first and shared the love with his sisters, so we spent 2 weeks cooped up in our house. The kids were miserable and antsy to get out of the house, so mama scoured Pinterest and found some things we could do to help survive 2 weeks of hand foot and mouth (and can I just say, thank goodness for Pinterest). I sure hope you and your little ones don’t get it but if you do, have no fear because this blog post is here!


1) I loaded the kids in the car, headed to our favorite dinner location, 800 Degrees, and picked up some Xisco Pops (don’t worry, I kept the kids in the car)! They have some new fall flavors out and the girls loved them (“mmm pumpkin. I love pumpkin, Mom” … straight from the mouth of babes).



2) You guys, this made me think of something my mom would do with me as a kid so this one was special. Out of complete desperation, I was thinking of something (anything) we could make into a party, so we had a tea tasting party and it was a blast! I got out my mom’s fine china, we tasted different types of teas, and ended up talking about my mom and I got to share more about her life. It will be a treasured memory.



3) We tried new snacks. I’m not one to just whip something up (and it turn out) but this did! So let’s talk about it, eh?! I made the most amazing cashew dip and the girls enjoyed dipping their apples in it. I’ll share the recipe in a later post, ok? ok! and you guys, don’t you kindof want to sing “when I dip, you dip, we dip”? No? Just me?



4) We made play dough! Thank you Pinterest. You can check out the recipe we used here.



5) We painted pumpkins. I love this because it’s so simple, yet the kids think it’s the best thing in the world. Quite frankly,  I enjoy painting pumpkins more than carving them. Out of all the activities, this one held their interest the most (well, minus any of the food activities).



Here’s to hoping you will never have to use these activities for hand foot and mouth, but instead simply for having some fun and making memories with your kids!

Our Last Weekend Home: Flourless Brownies + Memories

Our Last Weekend Home: Flourless Brownies + Memories

[Find the full recipe linked at the bottom]

It’s our last week in this house (tear), so we are soaking up and packing in as many lasting memories as we can. The best way to make lasting memories for my kids is with food, specifically desserts so that’s what we did!

I found this paleo brownie recipe on Pinterest and was intrigued. They ended up turning out to taste AMAZING. I mean they are called the Best Flourless Brownies so…we served these up with some hot cocoa and marshmallows because why not?!

What do I love about these brownies besides the taste? The ease of the recipe, the simplicity of ingredients (I already had everything), and it was easy enough for my kids to help bake too!

Note: I made a few adaptions only because it’s what I had in the house (verse what they had listed). I used raw stevia instead of the sweetener they listed, and I used dark chocolate unsweetened cocoa which is why my brownies look black. Also, the recipe says it takes about 25 min to bake, but we ended up having to bake (on the top shelf) for about 35 min.

Find the recipe & original post here