Flourless Brownies- a pinterest find

Flourless Brownies- a pinterest find

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It’s our last week in this house (tear), so we are soaking up and packing in as many lasting memories as we can. The best way to make lasting memories for my kids is with food, specifically desserts so that’s what we did!

I found this paleo brownie recipe on Pinterest and was intrigued. They ended up turning out to taste AMAZING. I mean they are called the Best Flourless Brownies so…we served these up with some hot cocoa and marshmallows because why not?!

What do I love about these brownies besides the taste? The ease of the recipe, the simplicity of ingredients (I already had everything), and it was easy enough for my kids to help bake too!

Note: I made a few adaptions only because it’s what I had in the house (verse what they had listed). I used raw stevia instead of the sweetener they listed, and I used dark chocolate unsweetened cocoa which is why my brownies look black. Also, the recipe says it takes about 25 min to bake, but we ended up having to bake (on the top shelf) for about 35 min.

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Local Healthy Popsicles!

Local Healthy Popsicles!

In a perfect world, my kids would eat healthy all of the time. Instead, I have one that would eat bread at every meal and another that would eat dirt if she could (hey, it builds the immunity, right?). I’m a mom who is always on the lookout for healthy swaps for not-so-healthy treats. If you know me, you know I care about eating healthy for the sake of nutrition not so much losing weight. Yes, I’m the mom most get annoyed with that chooses natural options over antibiotics. My husband likes to call me the modern hippie. I may have a more holistic mindset, but I’m also not out of touch with reality that we can’t avoid what we can’t avoid. All of that to say, we do eat sweets, we do have the occasional processed foods, and we may or may not eat dirt every now and then ;), but when I find something that isn’t just good but good for you, I love to tell others about it. I have something to tell you about today! Local friends, it would do you well to get check out Xisco Pops on Facebook, like their page, and then head to 800 Degrees Restaurants, Cinema Center, Ted’s Market or Barr Street Market to pick some up! My tiny dancers got home from dance class and indulged in their favorites just before bedtime and here are their thoughts…


Kimberly loves the Avocado Coconut Pop because “it tastes like delicious yummy”. She’s right, it does taste like delicious yummy. This was the first one I tried and was hooked after two bites. Don’t believe me? I dare you to go  try one.





Brinn highly recommends the Dutch Royalty because “it tastes like poop”. Ok you guys, that’s just her thing now…poop, everything is poop. Let me help you translate Brinn talk “it tastes like chocolate”. Note to self, don’t ask Brinn to review another product for you…





I highly recommend the Strawberry Lemonade dipped sparkling water. Once the kids went down for bed, I had myself a snack too. Simply, pour a glass of sparkling water, dip your Strawberry Lemonade Xisco Pop in, let it dissolve, and enjoy while watching your favorite show (or reading more of my blogs…).






to healthy treats for mama and kids!



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Mother’s Day Video

Mother’s Day Video

Mother’s Day Video “I look at my girls and I think of my mom. I think of how she parented me and what she wanted for me, and how she would want that for generations…”

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“With blessing of joy we praise him and through the trials, we praise him for he works all things to the glory of him and for our good. The joy of the Lord is our strength and although trials come, we take heart for God has overcome the world and marked it with victory in Jesus. We persevere and do not lose heart for God is our answer in all things.” -Mom

Guest Post: Take Heart

Guest Post: Take Heart

I see you. I see you struggle. I see you question. I see you wonder. I see you with little pockets of joy but most of the time you are filled with fear. Fear of insufficiency. Fear of disconnect. Fear of the difficult. Fear of emptiness. Fear of disappointment. Fear of not satisfying the feeling of dissatisfaction. Fear of causing your family to miss out on every potential opportunity. Fear of ruining them or making them useless to me and the world.

I hear you. I hear your cries for rest. I hear your plea to not wake up yet because you don’t want to face your fear. Fear of what now. Fear of the questions “How much TV can my kids watch today? How long do I have to hold this kid before he’s happy? How will this all work when the new baby gets here?” I hear your mind reeling as soon as the kids get up. You don’t see this day as a day to embrace but a day to battle. Battle messes. Battle expectations. Battle weariness and physical exhaustion. Battle that tinge of guilt for feeding your kids cereal with non-organic milk. Battling the reality that you’re not getting it all right and people in your care will have to face the consequences of your choices for them. I hear you feebly fighting almost every moment of the day. I hear you criticize your choices and never feel good enough about anything because you wonder if you should have been doing something else or someone else’s opinion of what you should be doing is running through your head like a song set on repeat.

He understands how big this is for you. Remember, because of your inadequacies Jesus fought your biggest battle. He is well aware of how incapable you are. He understands it is hard to understand. Your inadequacies are always going to exist. Always. You’re never going to get it all right or why did Jesus die? It’s hard to accept but it’s one of the most real things and you need to see it. You are inadequate. Very. Very. Very. You are a jar of clay. You are dust. You are a vessel, a pot. You are not all together and put together and usable. You are broken, broken, broken so don’t expect unbrokenness. Don’t expect to know answers. Don’t expect to get it right. Don’t expect to have arguments that can silence the voice of the Devil who continually reminds you of your guilt. Don’t you know only HIS name does that? Only the light can defeat darkness. Grey can’t overcome black. Only light can defeat dark. God is light. You are not.

HE is glad to be with you in it and has appreciated your continued refocus and reshift. He appreciates your dissatisfaction with dissatisfaction. He is so glad you keep trying to keep your eyes on him. So listen. Keep your eyes on him. He is there and so ready to embrace tomorrow with you. He is ready for you to feed your kids cereal. He is ready for you to give in to your son’s demands for TV. He is ready for you to hand over fruit snacks. Shutdown. Break down. Feel so weary and so tired and have no energy. He is not against you and not disappointed in you. If you keep your eyes on Him your tenderness will return. Your Father is not scared of the bigness of parenting nor unaware that broken bodies making children is draining or that TV can be an answer to prayer if it means your toddler won’t make a mess. He sees that and hears that and God is not angry or asking you to change and be someone different and be someone better. He is not asking any of that. He is with you. Their life is important to Him too. You aren’t capable of making them who God wants them to be on your own anyhow. It’s all by His spirit. He wants to be with you in this because God loves kids. His kingdom is filled with their example. They are pure joy to Him. He likes your kids right now. And He likes you.

He can do something about it. Jump into Jesus’ arms and love life. Put down your sword in the morning and take off your meager armor of “Goal oriented, picture perfect, Fake it til you make it” Motherhood. Remember you are clothed in amazing robes of righteousness only because of what Jesus has done. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Not right answers. Not perfection. Freedom. Embrace Holy Spirit. Run with Holy Spirit and enjoy His presence which will give you more peace than perfection ever could.

Originally Posted by Liz Wamsley from Anything Quite Like This

Do you have a story of God’s goodness in your life? I want it to be told! Please share with me over here for a chance to be featured and God’s goodness to be told. Your story matters.

A Favorite & Healthy Snack

You know you have good friends when they introduce you to good food. I’ll never forget the girls night out when I was first introduced to this amazing food pairing. My life has never been the same since…

Pairing Includes:

1. Honey infused goat cheese?

2. Pears of choice?

Dip and enjoy! Organic dried figs are also AMAZING with this. Go try it and thank me later. I’ll just go ahead and says “you’re welcome now” ?