Her Holy Night

Disclaimer: Creativity is a gift from God. Imagination and wonder are a part of creativity. In this piece, I am drawing out my imagination and wonder. I have read the birth of Jesus in the Gospels, located in the Bible, and using my own imagination and questions of what it might have been like for Mary. This is not an accurate account as I am not Mary and can only draw from my own experiences as a mother. This is also not meant to replace anything that is in God’s Word. Simply put, this piece was written by a simple woman who loves Jesus, enjoys being creative, and making God’s Word real to me. I’m inviting you into my creative imagination and thinking. 
**images are property of Brittnee Burns Photography and the author uses them as a visual example of the birth process not a replacement of true life events of Mary and Jesus  (simply put, I am not suggesting I am Mary and my son is Jesus. You never know what bases you have to cover now-a-days folks).


The birth pains of you. 

img_8912Her sweat, tears, wails as her body begs you to come out. Did all reality of you being King of the World leave her as she suffers from the horrendous pain of birthing you? We read of
your birth, Lord, and always remember you came with the purpose to save but Her … she was the one who carried you, felt you move, kick, cause her discomfort as you grew. You were coming to be the King of the World but did her heart know it fully yet or was tonight, for her, the overwhelming joy of the birth of her son? To us, she is the woman who delivered the Savior of the World. I wonder if, to her, tonight she was just your mom.

The sound of your first cries.

Those first cries bring such relief  because they signify life. You are here! She finds her body limp in relief; relief of the pain being over and your life trumpeted in with the sound of your baby cries. As a mother does, she reaches for her son to touch, to hold, to know. She is tired but she uses any strength left to lift her arms, reach for you, and cradle your tiny body in her arms.

Tiny hands and toes. 


Her eyes fall on your tiny body for the first time. Did her heart stop for a second? This is her first child, her first and only son. Was her heart overwhelmed with the emotions of this moment? Did her words flow out of her heart: “I love you.” Did she feel what most parents feel the moment they meet their child: a desire to do right by them, protect them, love them well. Was it in this moment she was met with the reality that she was carrying the Savior? Oh but wait, she is interrupted in her thoughts as she sees his flickering eyes open…

Eyes awake for the first time. 


Their eyes meet. Her heart must have skipped a beat now. Does she introduce herself?

“Hello. I’m mom and you are Jesus, my son. You have been in my belly for 9 months and now this is your home. I hope you like it here. I hope you love me like I love you.”

Does she tell him about her encounter with the angel and how he came into this world or does she just stare, stare at the beautiful boy that she finally can see and hold after 9 long month and hours of labor? Tonight was she just mom holding her baby boy for the first time; a holy night?

The virgin will be with child and will birth to a son and they will call him Immanuel – which means, “God with us.”
Matthew 1:24

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