Thank you, God, for Disney World

I love how repetition allows us to understand and see new treasures that go easily missed otherwise. Recently, I realized a beautiful quality about my oldest that, if not for repetition, I would have missed. At least three times a week, we try to have time where we learn and implement one truth about God. We start and end our time together in prayer. At the end, I always allow each girl to take turns praying. It wasn’t until recently that I realized my oldest uses prayer as a time to thank God and nothing else. Her prayers go something like this, “thank you for Mommy and Daddy, thank you for Grammy and Pawpaw, thank you for Disney World, thank you for Sissy and Pax, thank you for the sky, thank you for the nature…” Once we start thanking God for underwear and poop, then I know it’s just about time to say “amen” 😉 I love that repetition allowed me to see something beautiful in my daughter, her thankfulness. She has taught me just how much I’m distracted by my anxiety and fear and worry that I’m robbed of thankfulness.

God, this world has robbed me of so much joy. Help me to find thankfulness for all you are again.

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  1. Timing is everything to me lately. Having Kimberly on my mind so much lately and
    reading about your prayer time together was so comforting. God is with you always and I
    know this for a fact.

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