Used Up or Poured Out Scripture Study

“God didn’t create you so that He could use you. He created you so that He could know you… God can use anything, but He sent His Son so that He could have relationships with people who believe- not objects” (Neese, Z (2015) How To Worship A King. pg 3).

This was written as part of a series titled “Used Up or Poured Out” answering the questions: does being used by God mean we are loved by him or does being loved by God mean he can use us in some miraculous way?

It is amazing to me to see scripture come to life as God reveals himself through his word, the Bible. I desire nothing more than for you to pour over scripture and allow God to reveal himself to you through it. I believe it’s important for us, as believers, to know if our God is about using us up like an old sock or pouring us out like a beautiful drink offering. Taste and see for yourself by reading these testimonies with scripture open, hungry for more. Ask him and he will give because he wants to be known by you.

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