You Hold the Evidence

Our testimony is evidence of Jesus at work on a personal level. We share evidence when we find it worth it and necessary. Is God worth it? If we aren’t sure, why on earth are we following Jesus, and how on earth will anyone else be compelled to? We absolutely have to be confident of our own evidence- that is the revealing of Jesus himself to us personally. Sometimes I wonder if we get so wrapped up in our testimony being “ours”, like a toddler protecting her toy from her sibling, that we miss the very person who gave us our proof to share, Jesus Christ.

Moreover, we can do away with the word “small” when describing our testimony because God doesn’t do anything small. The saving of a soul is a flat out miracle so let’s get tired of cheapening that! Some of us think our testimony isn’t as valuable because they didn’t have some grand turnaround. Please leave that deceptive thought behind and, with complete thanks, go and tell that God is good and prove it- with his word and your testimony. Share your evidence relentlessly!



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